Title 'Gallina Canyon Ranch'
Title 'Wild Turkey Camp'
*NEW FOR 2014!*

Gallina Canyon Ranch is very happy to announce our new vacation rental: group camping at Wild Turkey Camp! Wild Turkey Camp is next to Anasazi Ruin Family Camp, and is included, exclusively, with the rental of Anasazi Ruin. Reserving Anasazi Ruin means you have also reserved Wild Turkey Camp.

  • $64 a night for two people, an additional $10 per person per night for people 12 and older, up to 15 people.
  • Before reserving Wild Turkey Camp, please check availability on our calendar. Our calendars are updated every morning.
  • You may reserve Wild Turkey Camp using our rate sheet to pay the "two people" base rate, and then contact us regarding how many additional people are in your group so that we may send an invoice to you for the balance.

We have created an interactive Google Map of the ranch that will show you the features of Wild Turkey Camp (mouse click on "Anasazi Ruin and Wild Turkey" on the map's lower right corner to "zoom in" to Wild Turkey Camp). Clicking on each feature's icon will tell you about that feature.

Some of the features of Wild Turkey Camp:

  • Dogs are welcome at Wild Turkey Camp, and Anasazi Ruin Family Camp.
  • The camp site is available from May 1 to October 31.
  • People staying at Wild Turkey Camp will need to bring their own camping gear, tents, sleeping bags, ice chest, etc. Eating utensils are included at the community kitchen.
  • Wild Turkey Camp and Anasazi Ruin Family Camp each have their own kitchen areas, including sink, stove, fresh drinking water, pots, pans, and various kitchen items.
  • Two showers are available, one with a hot water heater.
  • Fire Bowls are provided in three designated areas.
  • There is an unloading area for people to temporarily park their cars and unload their gear upon arrival. There are parking areas along the Wild Turkey road and at Anasazi Ruin to put one's car after unloading.
Wild Turkey Group Camp Site The main camp site area at Wild Turkey includes the community kitchen, a cool spring water shower, fire wood, and many places for people to pitch their tents. (Please note that if a fire ban is in effect at the time of your stay, fires will not be allowed.)

"Cedar Grove" (see the map), located near the community kitchen, is perfect for hanging an awning and it has room for a dozen people to sit comfortably for community events.

Wild Turkey Group Camp Site There are also many places in the area where people may pitch their tents away from the main community area if they prefer, for privacy and quiet. On the interactive Google map we have placed a few icons at suggested tent sites, such as "Buck Snort," "Oak Grove," "Cliff View," and "River's Bend." Campers are free to find their own tent sites.

"Oak Grove" is a cool, shady area where you may relax in our hammocks. (It is also a good place for holding community events.) "Cliff View" has a nice view of the northwest cliffs and the western part of the canyon. "River's Bend" has two mighty Ponderosa Pines campers may adore and admire while they listen to Rio Gallina mutter to herself. "Buck Snort" is a great place to camp for people who would rather sleep in late while other members of their group make noise at the community kitchen.

Shark Tank at Anasazi Ruin All of the features available at Anasazi Ruin Family Camp are included with Wild Turkey Camp, including the 1,000 gallon fresh water stock tank ("Shark Tank") where you may relax.

The Shark Tank area includes a fire bowl, fire wood, and chairs. It is a great place for people to gather at night and enjoy conversation and the stars.

Shower stall at Anasazi Ruin Family Camp The shower at Wild Turkey Camp. Cabinet space is provided at the shower.
Other points of interest in the area: