Turnbow fifth-wheel three-horse slant-load trailer
with dressing room
FOR SALE $9,000

Over-all length: 27 feet
Height: 9 feet
Width: 8.5 feet at the wheel-wells
Loading height: 78 inches
Loading width: 66 inches
Inside horse area width: 74 inches
Inside horse area height: 84 inches


This trailer was built in 1995 by Turnbow Trailers, Inc., of Oilton, Oklahoma. This trailer has all of its electrical systems working: interior lights, signal lights, break lights, and magnetic breaks. The "dressing room" includes a bed in the bow, a large storage cabinet, and a lockable door that leads into the horse area.

Unlike the newer Turnbow Slant Load trailers, this trailer is made out of steel instead of aluminum: that includes the padded safety cages in the horse area, and all of the latching devices. This trailer was built for heavy duty and large horses. The floor and stall walls are lined with heavy rubber.

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port side, small
Port Side

port side, small
D.O.T. Regulation Label
VIN Plate is located on the port bow near the jack handle. The plate includes maximum weights allowed, the year manufactured, and other important information.

stern loading, small
Stern Loading Doors
The vertical post between the doors is easily removable, and so is the saddle tree, which creates a very wide loading and storage area. This means the trailer can be used to transport two horses and gear, or one horse, gear, and an All Terrain Vehicle, or other cargo instead of just horses and gear.

With the vertical post in place, the width for the left-side door opening is 24 inches, and the right side door opening is 35 inches. With the vertical post removed, the loading width is 66 inches.

There is a loading lamp above the doors.

There is also a cargo rack on the roof, accessible by a ladder on the right side of the trailer.

Horse area, small
Horse area with safety cages
The heavy-duty padded safety cages are made out of steel, and hinge on the left (facing the bow). These lock into place on the right, with spring-loaded steel pins. There are tie-downs for halters, and a door forward of the horses that leads into the dressing room. Lights are also mounted inside the horse area. The floor mats and side mats are thick, hard rubber.
Dressing Room, small
Dressing Room, Bed
Dressing Room storage, small
Dressing Room, Storage Trunk
The dressing room includes a comfortable bed, with windows to each side and a sky vent above. The storage trunk is sturdy enough to sit on, and holds quite a lot of gear--- which you can see by using the five gallon bucket in this image to judge by.
Dressing Room, small
Gooseneck Hitch
jack and jack handle, small
Jack and Jack Handle
The electric cable is new, and extra long. The spare tire is also new.
Starboard wheels, small
Starboard Wheels
Port wheels, small
Port Wheels
All five tires are in excellent condition, with good tread. All four wheels have magnetic breaks. Trailer width from outside port wheel base to outside starboard wheel base is 8.5 feet.
Turnbow Logo, small
Turnbow Logo
Hitch weight label, small
Hitch Weight Label
Turnbow's web presence includes the 3 Horse Slant with Dressing Room, though the newer models are made out of aluminum.

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