I, _________________________, acknowledge and accept that horseback riding and activities related thereto, involve the risk of personal injury. By my signature I hereby waive all rights, if any, claims, causes of action and lawsuits against Gallina Canyon Ranch, the Sebastians, their family, heirs, executors, legal representatives, administrators, successors, assigns, guests, employees, or agents affiliated with any of them in any manner (collectively, herein "The Ranch"), for any injury, liability or damages which may occur while riding any horse, whether leased or owned by me or by any other person, or for any injury or damages which may occur while participating in any activity related to horseback riding. I agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless The Ranch or any person or entity whose land a horseback ride crosses, for any accident, injury, or loss that might occur, and free such persons from all liability for such injury or loss. I understand that horseback riding always involves danger and I ride at my own risk.

I understand that horseback riding involves being in remote areas for extended periods of time, far from communications, transportation, and medical facilities; that these areas have many natural and man-made hazards which horseback riders cannot anticipate, identify, modify, or eliminate; that horses can be excitable, difficult to control, and unpredictable; and that accidents can happen to anyone at any time. I further understand that horseback riding involves such things as crossing creeks, riding over uneven terrain, and being in strange places under adverse weather conditions which could result in injury to myself and the horse I am riding. I acknowledge that accidental injuries have occurred in the past involving horses owned by or stabled by The Ranch.

I agree to take full responsibility for myself and the animal I am riding. I am aware that wearing a certified safety helmet is a good preventive measure against head injury, and further understand that helmets are not provided to riders by The Ranch. My signature below constitutes acceptance of the above terms and conditions. I have read and fully understand this liability release.

Name: ____________________________ Date: _____________________

Signature: ___________________________________________________