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Remote Casita

Wilderness Jacal, looking at the deck.

Dogs are welcome at Remote Casita!

Remote Casita resides deep within the heart of the Chama Wilderness (the only privately-owned property in the area). Remote Casita, located on the site of an early 1900s homestead, is one of three vacation rentals we have in the canyon, with Anasazi Ruin Family Camp (exclusively designed for children and dogs) three miles away, and Ranch Casita four miles away. Remote Casita offers a more primitive wilderness experience than Ranch Casita; continuing up the canyon from Remote Casita you will find unparalleled solitude (see pictures).

Our 8 mile road is NOT COMPACT car friendly. Please do not bring a compact car.

Gallina Canyon Ranch has been featured in many national and regional magazines, including New Mexico magazine, The Santa Fean, Better Homes and Gardens, Sunset, and Martha Stewart Living.

  • Fresh water from a roof cachement system, dish soap and paper towels are provided.
  • We provide fresh drinking water: two 5-gallon containers and one 6-gallon.
  • A Queen Size bed with linens.
  • A picturesque kitchen and dining area.
  • A three-burner propane stove.
  • A propane barbecue grill.
  • A large outside deck.
  • An outhouse, with toilet paper.
  • French coffee press.
  • When available, we will provide eggs from our hens and produce from our garden.
  • An outdoor wood-burning stove with firewood.
  • 20 miles of peace, quiet, and privacy.
  • Dogs are allowed at Remote Casita.
  • A 4-gallon solar shower bag, liquid bath soap provided.
  • No electricity.
  • A full-size refrigerator - freezer that makes ice.
  • Solar-powered flashlight.
  • Kerosene lamp.
  • Technology-free vacation.
  • Perfect for writers, photographers, artists, and people who want to "get away from the world for awhile."
  • Ideal for hiking enthusiasts.
Due to the 14 crossings of Rio Gallina required to get to Remote Casita, we take all visitors regardless of what type of vehicle they have, and their provisions in our truck. We will return you to the main ranch and your vehicle at the end of your stay.

Gallina Tower

Remote Casita Policies:

Smoking, fire, pets, shoes Dogs allowed

  • We require a signed waiver from each person when you arrive. Please read the waiver before booking the rental.
  • Camp fires and smoking are prohibited in the canyon due to the extreme fire risk.
  • No hunting is allowed.
  • Dogs are not allowed on the bed. Please let us know before you arrive that you are bringing a dog.
  • Frying food is allowed outside; please do not fry food inside Remote Casita.
  • If possible, please arrive by 1:00 PM.
  • Check-out time is 11 AM.

The 'Christmas Tree' at Jacal.

Other Details:
  • Directions on how to get here are available via this link.
  • This is a hard-working cattle ranch. You may encounter cows, calves and horses, chickens and wild turkeys, elk and deer during your stay; they will peacefully ignore you if you peacefully ignore them.
  • The kitchen contains salt, pepper, sugar, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and various seasonings. Prior to your arrival you will wish to shop for all of your food, drink, and snacks for your entire stay.
  • Our rental Casitas are the only rentals within 20 miles of the Chama Wilderness. From Highway 84 you turn on to FS Road 151. Eight miles down the road is the bridge you will open and cross. Our ranch is another 8 miles from the bridge. If your vehicle has exceptionally low clearance (such as many compact rental cars) we will meet you at the bridge and bring you in our truck to your Casita. (Example: Scion, Mini Cooper, Prius)
  • Please leave all gates as you find them.
  • Radios and cellular telephones do not work in the canyon.
  • If you plan on swimming in the pond or the Rio Chama, please bring a bathing suit. We will provide beach towels. You might also wish to bring water shoes.
  • We do not have cellular telephone access at our ranch. We have WiFi internet at the main ranch area, but not at Remote Casita. If you wish to check your email (with your your non-cellular mobile internet device), or go for a swim, you are welcome to bring a swim suit, picnic lunch, and dog if you have one and spend the day relaxing at the pond. We will supply iced tea and towels for your use. The walk to the swim pond from Remote Casita is about an hour and a half away (4 miles); you might wish to bring water shoes, as the road to the pond crosses the Rio Gallina drainage 14 times one-way. It is possible for Rio Gallina to flash flood: do not attempt to cross in times of flooding.
  • The ranch is a great place for amateur astronomers and stargazers: you may download a star map for the northern hemisphere to bring with you to the ranch.
  • For off-road hiking, long pants, hiking boots, river-crossing shoes, and insect repellent are recommended.
  • You may wish to bring slippers to wear inside Remote Casita, as the floor is tiled.
  • A topographic map of the canyon may be downloaded here.
  • More pictures of Gallina Canyon Ranch are available on our More Images web page.
Images of Remote Casita You may use your computer mouse's left button to "click on" the following images to see a larger version of the images.
Inside Jacal Remote Casita is one large room, with a queen-size bed (linens provided), dining table, dining chairs, lounge chairs, small propane heater, and wood-burning stove (firewood provided). Inside Jacal
Inside Jacal The full kitchen includes a medium size refrigerator - freezer, three-burner propane stove, cold water, and dining and cooking utensils. Inside Jacal, west window
Dining area Remote Casita stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In the summer, one may open the windows and door at night and then shut the windows and door in the morning to keep the cool in. Jacal Horno
Jacal Shower There are tables and chairs outside on the deck; the deck is protected by a roof. A solar-heated shower bag is provided, as are bath towels and liquid soap. Jacal Outside
Weber Q 220 barbecue BBQ Remote Casita has an outdoor propane barbecue on the deck. We provide the propane, and also assorted BBQ tools such as a barbecue fork and wire brush.
The image to the right shows the view at Remote Casita looking southward. You can "click on" the image to see a larger image, showing more of the southern view.
Jacal is remote, in the wilderness
Jacal Outhouse We provide toilet paper. swimming pond
When staying at Remote Casita, you may hike four miles east to the main ranch and enjoy a cool swim in our four-feet-deep spring-fed pond. The pond includes a cold freshwater shower and a wisteria arbor. (See shared areas.)
Canyon View

Canyon View

Canyon View

A hike through the canyon will reward the visitor with spectacular views of Northern New Mexico geology, wild flowers and wildlife.

Cerulean skies and wooly white clouds are the norm most days of the year. We are at 6,515 feet elevation, and the sunlight can be intense: sunscreen and a hat is highly recommended for hikers, as are sturdy hiking boots and river-crossing shoes. Usually the days are warm and the nights are cool.

Rio Gallina is a seasonal river: there are no fish in the river.

Canyon View

Canyon View

Canyon From Mesa

Please contact Elizabeth at horseys@hughes.net before making reservations to ensure the desired dates of your visit are available. Please see our Days Available web page.


Our cancellation policy is based upon the number of days between when you cancel and your scheduled arrival date:
  • 30 days or more: 100%
  • From 29 days to 8 days: 50%
  • Less than 8 days: 0%

    Remote Casita

    To pay a different amount than above you may use this button below. When the PayPal page loads, type in the dollar amount in the "Unit Price" box, then hit the "Update Totals" button. You can then select the "Use your credit card or bank account (where available). Continue" link to pay using a credit card.

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Rental Terms:
  • Remote Casita is rented from April 1st. to October 31st.
  • One or two adults 25 years old or older; exceptions are possible.
  • We require a signed waiver from each person, which we will give to you to sign when you arrive.
  • Note: Until confirmed, rates are subject to change without notice.
Rental fees:
  • Please see our Rate Sheet for Season 2014.
  • We accept credit card payments through PayPal®, Traveler's Cheques, and cash; sorry, but we do not accept personal checks.
  • The 6.5% Sales Tax has already been added.
  • We do not charge a cleaning fee or security deposit.
  • There will be no additional charge for extra nights in case heavy rain prevents you from leaving after your paid-for nights.
  • Check-out time is 11:00AM.

Note: After two weeks we will deliver to you fresh bedding, towels, and any food items you may arrange with us to deliver upon your arrival.

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