Title 'Gallina Canyon Ranch'

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Map to Gallina Canyon Ranch

From Albuquerque take Highway 25 north to Santa Fe. From Santa Fe take Highway 285/84 north to Española. Continue north on Highway 84 towards Abiquiù and Chama. Half a mile after Mile Marker 227, there are two signs: "Forest Road 151" and "Monastery 13 miles." Turn left.

From Chama New Mexico: take Highway 84 South towards Abiquiù and Española. You will pass the Echo Amphitheater on your right. Look for Mile Marker 228 on your right. After Mile Marker 228, there are two signs: "Forest Road 151" and "Monastery 13 miles." Turn right.

Map to Gallina Canyon Ranch

  • On Road 151 continue west 8 miles until you come to Skull Bridge on the left; you will be provided with the combination to the bridge's locked gate. A sign before the bridge, on the right, reads "Gallina Canyon Ranch 8 Miles."
  • Unlock the bridge's gate by entering the correct numbers, and remember to PUSH IN THEN PULL OUT for the lock to open (instructions here). DISREGARD THE SIGNS THAT READ "NO VEHICLES" AND "ROAD CLOSED."
  • Drive across the bridge, close and lock it again, and change the numbers. The same instructions apply to the next gate. Continue down the road and you will arrive at Gallina Canyon Ranch.
  • Allow 1 hour from Highway 84 to the ranch.